Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Mariana Capital

Mariana Capital Markets LLP is a financial services firm with multiple business lines including asset management, structured investments, corporate and tax advisory as well as analytical strategy and execution services in cash and equity derivatives. Mariana was initially established as an innovative brokerage firm with the aim of providing global execution services. It now offers independent bespoke market analytics and trading strategies which are designed to complement existing trading models.

Building on this foundation, the team at Mariana has developed the business to offer a wide range of services globally and has established a reputation for expertise in the creation and distribution of innovative performance focused investments.

Mariana has strong in-house research and analytical capabilities with an advanced database of pricing data and sophisticated quantitative modelling research skills. These in-house skills are integral to the construction of Mariana’s investment products and in particular its structured investment range as performance underpins the design ethos. In addition Mariana has in-house investment banking expertise enabling it to help in the trading and pricing of products for the structured investment market.

Structured Investment Products

Mariana Capital is able to offer a variety of product structures to clients. Our products are constructed by one of the market’s most experienced teams which include extensive technical, strategy and sales/trading experience.